As reflected in present business model of HMD
for Nokia 3310, the main focus is on building partnership and collaborations to
boost sales. The real asset of Nokia traditionally has been its robust
distribution network. The HMD management who are ex Nokia executives knows this
better than anybody else and made every effort to stream line network of  80000+ retailers and 400 distributors. The
manufacturing and R&D is held tightly in Foxconn Taiwan to secure the
technological advantage. The sales channels are open for offline & online
platforms to enhance sales in any manner possible. Also together with low
price, HMD promises Nokia’s reliability, trust & transparency as value
proposition to customer. The customers are also excited for experience
re-imagined 3310 and the initially sales somewhat points to same direction. All
in all the business model looks sustainable in itself if not a “iphone


Problem & BHAG

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While analyzing previous “CANVAS business
model”, everything looks rightly in place and comeback of 3310 in 4G
conscious Indian consumer market should be possible. So what is missing pieces
in this perfect “canvas”?  If
we look closely, the “customer segment “of canvas more or less
approach entire Indian mobile phone market and here is where the aspiration of
HMD collides with the reality. The ambition to tackle feature & smart
phones sectors for every customer segments is not realistic. Assuming that
Nokia 3310 will be welcomed by every customer only for the sake of brand
resembles & passion is impractical. The management problem, which should be
handled by right marketing strategy, is “How to strategically identify and approach potential buyers of Nokia 3310 in Indian

Before researching and finding realistic
approach to attempt this problem, discussion on BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
of HMD is required to understand position & ambitions of company.