It creates security fears, population, displacements and religious conflicts.Plus it affects individual rights and limits freedom.Coordinated and harmonized efforts to counter terrorism and violent extremism are done among and between states, together with regional, continental and international organizations. These efforts include collaboration in border security and sharing intelligence. The problem is so serious that the  UNGA adopted the Global Counter Terrorism Strategy on 2006.Some countries of the world attack terrorism by sending military troops and hosting refugees.Uganda helps countries in the horn by sending military troops. Uganda is one of the largest contributors of troops in countries like Somalia. Uganda’s knowledge of the region and experience dealing with similar terrorist groups like LRA, had made it easier for this country to help.Uganda is a partner in the global war on terrorism due to it geographical location ethnic composition and unstable neighborsThe developing country is in need of urgent support from donors and development organizations to manage the refugees or displaced population.Uganda’s generosity towards the refugees is under threat, thousands of refugees arrive daily, while its refugee appeal is critically underfunded.Even though Uganda is helping terrorism in the Horn of Africa, it also needs help. Uganda is now hosting more than a million refugees. Uganda has unstable economy and its still dealing with his own armed countries.Causes of terrorism:Political: Seeking political dominanceReligious: Attack carried out out in the name of religion. Rewards afterlife.Socioeconomic: Poverty, lack of education, lack of political freedom.People that are more vulnerable for terrorist recruitment:• Feel angry• Believe their government doesn’t have the power to make a real change• Identify as victims of the social injustice they are fighting.• Feel they need to take action• Believe that engaging in violence is not immoral • Have friends or family sympathetic to the causeThe IRC is helping recover Uganda from the effects of war and with its millions of refugees. By providing them people with resources and services to assure their safety, health and financial independenceRefugee and Hope International is working in compliance with other authorities to provide development opportunities refugees and displaced people in Uganda.The UNHCR staff in northern Uganda are helping desperate woman and children. Refugees are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance (food, shelter ,water, etc) UNHCR continues to appeal to the international community for urgent and massive support for the thousands of refugees in Uganda.