discovery is the process of looking at several thousand molecules and
identifying the chemical properties specific target site, and selectivity.  Once identified that one of the molecules has
a disease related target that can have therapeutic effect. This stage has
multiple key participants comprising of chemists, biologists, clinicians,
engineers, and researchers. Healthcare professionals play a significant role in
recognizing which therapies are effective and those that need improvement. There
are two main ways that a drug can be discovered. One is disease related target
molecule; this looks at an unmet need and focuses on pathophysiology and the target
molecule. The alternative is to look at a drug that has already been discovered
and through clinical trials identify a new indication. Drugs are usually
discovered at a pharmaceutical company or an academia/institution. Computers
are able to analyze the structures and function of disease related targets.

Some drugs are often discovered by natural products like plants,
microorganisms, and animals. Drugs like warfarin were extracted from fungi. One
of the main challenges when developing a drug is the low chance of the drug
being a candidate. However, a drug discovery helps better understand a disease
and can often improve the effectiveness of existing drugs.

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