5 that Microsoft Windows is executing for its OS.


Theme Jessica-Simpson

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This is probably one of the innovative
ideas that Microsoft Windows is executing for its OS. This creative feature
with Windows 10, is a super way to grow artistry. This indeed, enhances the
Windows OS and hence a better option in the world of OS manufacturers.

This theme contains 15 high
definition wall papers that are clipped at their optimum levels portraying alluring
pictures for lovers of country music and specifically those who cherish her
achievement. She comes out soft, creamy and sweet.

This theme is also a good
marketing tool for Simpsons’ fragrance, which competes top perfumes in the
global market. Actually, this is a boost to Windows sales.

Theme Nights watch

This desktop theme contains 18 HD
wallpapers that brings back the sweet memories of “The Watcher”, a 2016 movie
that creates a concept of a strained cat and mouse game. This psychological
thriller depicts the minds of a serial assassin and a man who must bring him to

Indeed, this a true ingenious way
to market movies, maybe we shall see companies requesting Microsoft to
advertise their movies. It a good way to appreciate military intelligence.
Having such a wallpaper theme is captivating. This HD wallpapers are lively and
they give a short but a credible preview of strategic sceneries in the movie.

Theme Elfen-Lied

Elfen-lied is a drama cum action Japanese manga series illustrated
by Lynn Okamoto. It’s a strong animation with 7 character. It depicts a special
breed of human called the Diclonius.

With 20 HD wallpapers, Theme Elfen-Lied is a perfect windows theme
for any PC. When tired you can let the animation run on the desktop, and make
you to relax again. It’s a masterpiece desktop theme for lovers of scientific
movies that portray both fiction and non-fiction.

Theme Better-call-saul

Better call saul is also another eye-catching TV series that the
movie producer brings key topics on relationships, family, character,
courtrooms, extra salsa, cold war, secrets, and even flexibility of persons to
different lives.

Microsoft brings this theme out
to appreciate a general view of a holistic life full of fun, panic, critics,
and uncertainties. A symbolism on how using Microsoft OS makes your life simple.
This collection of 17 HD windows 10 theme, indeed creative. When you install windows
10, you are not sure but still you suspect the OS will work well with your iCore
3 computer. When you roll it out, you find it fun and fulfilling.



Theme Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce is a kind of a car in
its own sphere. This 6.8L, V-12 engine has a 453 horsepower engine with an ABS
and driveline Traction control. It is arguably the safest, robust and swiftest
car in the world. Perhaps the proposer of theme Rolls-Royce for windows 10,
wanted the audience to appreciate the fact that windows OS is the Rolls-Royce
of the operating systems in PC and other digital devices.

Whether we are about to see Theme
62S Maybach or Theme Bentley Windows 10 or next OS, the tuff competitors for
Rolls-Royce, is a matter of time. I think lovers of Maybach and Bentley, will
throng into market to buy more of Windows OS if Windows allow their theme.