Sooner or later, most of us will suffer from rheumatism or arthritis. We can wake up in the morning with a stiff neck or a frozen shoulder. With time we may notice a severe and surprising pain in our back or joints, so that we may be sad mainly because of the impact and because older age is impacting us in many ways, and could deteriorate our health.


If we are lucky, we will not have major health impact because of aging more than cracking joints which the majority of old people are  complaining from its symptoms. If we are less fortunate, we might develop rheumatic disorders. According to Li and Micheletti (2011), Rheumatic diseases are characterized by inflammation that affects the connecting or supporting structures of the body — most commonly the joints, but also sometimes the tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles. Some rheumatic diseases even affect the organs. These diseases can ultimately cause loss of function in those body parts.  Therefore, must learn how to live with this constant pain, and even perform normal tasks that others consider inevitable. There are more than 200 rheumatic disorders, most of which may affect people at varying rates. So it is not surprising that people are often confused about the meaning of rheumatism or arthritis. Part of the problem is how ordinary people use the word incorrectly, and sometimes doctors fail to explain things as they should. Moreover, a specialist, or even a family doctor, may find it difficult to diagnose correctly right away.  Therefore this research is testing the knowledge of people about rheumatism or arthritis and attempt to assess the social, economic and psychological impacts. To achieve this goal, this study will use literature review, interviews and questionnaires. Our hypotheses is that arthritis are poorly known in UAE among average people but its social, economic and psychological impacts are sever in the impacted population.

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