“45 a place where everyone seemed intent upon adding

rupees for 1 kg onions only!”


Sunday my mother would hold my sweat-drenched hand and force me to walk two
miles with her under the scorching sun to reach the bazaar, where we would do
our family’s weekly shopping. The bazaar was crowded with people, chatting,
laughing, vociferating, pushing, and bargaining. Added to this deafening noise
were the merchants shouting prices at the top of their lungs. In short, this
was a place where everyone seemed intent upon adding to the reigning chaos; my
mother would stand on the pavement for what seemed like an eternity, bargaining
about clothes, fruits, vegetables, and other household articles.

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in my first finance class, I couldn’t help but ponder about the Sunday bazaar
that I used to visit with my mother as a child. I realized that the Sunday bazaar
was a perfect example of financial transactions; I also learned I had found my
academic and vocational passion. I have never looked back. My undergraduate education at Earlham College
has exposed me to ideas, networks, and opportunities that have profoundly
informed my theoretical and practical expertise surrounding the field of


I generally performed well in all my classes, I do realize that academic
training is not an absolute measure of a student’s learning. Therefore, I
enhanced my experience in the field of finance through collaborative research,
internships, and teaching assistantships. For example, as a Commercial Banking
Credit Analyst Intern, I used concepts learned in my Financial Accounting,
Corporate Finance, and International Finance classes to analyze financial data
(i.e., financial statements, and cash flow statements) to determine repayment
capacities of borrowers. In addition, I tracked and monitored industry
developments and changes to legal, compliance and market environments that
could potentially impact borrowers’ credit process and the bank’s exposure to


I am open to and still am researching the various career paths in the field of
finance, my goal after graduation is to work in investment management division.

If admitted to Simon, I would choose the 17-month program of study (internship
track) where I could administer various securities and assets in companies such
as Goldman Sachs. My long-term goals include working in a venture capital firm
as an investor to early-stage firms, startup business, and small companies. My backup
plan would be to work as a financial services consultant in a prestigious firm
in the US where I could use my classroom knowledge to harness better business
models for industries to overcome their past shortcomings and current


am interested in Simon because of the availability of the Investment Management
track, which aligns closely with my interests in fixed income and investment
research. Moreover, I chose Simon because of its renowned faculty and staff
whose experiences range from managing Diablo Management Group (DMG) to being a chief economist of the U.S.

Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.). I am particularly interested in
researching financial intermediation and investments with Mr. Ron Kaniel. I
believe that my past education and experiences
support my career objectives, and I am excited to embrace new opportunities
available at Simon that would help me develop professionally, and set me on a
road to a rewarding career.