Furthermore, reality TV gossip and material is featured in the media platform of print magazines. On the 9th October 2017 edition of ‘NOW’ magazine, Michelle Keegan is labelled under the bold, pink and black title, ‘The Essex effect’ as being the latest star to change her look, since moving to her home of TOWIE. Michelle has now fuller lips and thicker eyebrows displayed in the before and after photo on the double page spread. To add, the star has opted for more dramatic, bold-makeup since moving. Therefore, has Keegan fallen into the Essex trend, which is adding to the ‘dumbing down’ of society? Considerably, in the early episodes of TOWIE the girls were known for their constant orange tans, yet recently Lydia Bright has vowed, “lay off the fake tan, you don’t need to be orange to look good.” However, Chloe Simms has been in the show since 2002 and since then has splashed 19,000 on whitening her teeth, changed hair from brunette to blonde and her lips are the biggest in the show. This conversation topic dominated the popular TV teatime spin off show ‘Loose Women’ in the 5th October, 2017 episode. The topical debate on plastic surgery and the so called ‘designer vagina’ infers it’s not just reality TV programmes, like TOWIE who display and discuss this subject. TOWIE brings into light these social issues and they have played an important role in empowering women to be who they want to be and feel confident in the way they look. The showcasing of these ordinary individuals enables younger viewers to admire them, however children as young as 9 years old have asked their parents for a ‘designer vagina’, which was quoted on ‘Loose Women.’ This highlights the vulnerability of children and how they are capable of retrieving this information and this is not only down to the reality TV shows but shows such as: ‘Loose Women. Consequently, TOWIE should not be labelled for ‘dumbing down’ society as panel shows are also accountable.