Regional balance of jobs and home1990 Singapore concept plan pursued policy of decentralisation to avoid over-loading the central areaConceptually Singapore island is divided into 4 regions and fifth beig the central areaLong term land policies ensure better balance of jobs to resident ratio so that more industrial jobs are introduced to other employment lacking regionsLand use incompatibility – Relocation strategiesIndustries being generally pollutive, compatibility of adjacent land uses is crucial for deciding location of industriesSpecific planning and environmental policies require polluting industries away from population centresPolluting chemical and petrochemical industries are located on islands away from mainlandTransportation policy-Decentralisation of jobs to reduce commutingStrategic transportation policy is to maximise usage of existing public transportation Proper land use planning to reduce heavy concentration of peak hour traffic to CBDDecentralisation of industries to outlying industrial estatesAims at optimal use of public transport in dual directionsWater catchment policyStringent controls and requirements imposed on all developments inside water to minimise risk of pollutionOnly light industries permitted within water catchmentsPolluting industries encouraged to be relocatedMoving industries to labour sourceConscious planning effort made to locate some clean and light industries within the new towns to tap abundant females or housewives Reduce commuting time and exorbitant transportation costsEnvironmental protection policiesIn macro level planning strategy to segregate pollutive industries from residential and other non compatible usesGroup similar industries to avoid fear of contaminationBuffer zones between residential and industrial use are imposed and usedEnvironment impact studies for certain pollutive industries to ascertain the degree of buffer distancesPlanning for the needs of industriesPlanning for multitude of industries and its specific needsMarket study for customers needsCategorizing as: Waterfront dependent industriesRunway dependent industriesImage conscious industriesHigh technology industries may have a higher demand for services