Color is a form of
communication that is taken extremely for granted with everyone almost
everyday. It persuades people in the way they think or feel about something,
how they respond to an action, and overall can change one’s health as well. In
addition to this, color catches consideration, soothes or bothers the eyes, and
sends an effective message. The correct shading will influence an item or
business to succeed, while the wrong color can be an irreversible misstep that
leads to ultimate failure. These factors of color led me to the conclusion of
how one recognizes color and associates it with something before even reading
it. For example, on, they switched Google’s and Yahoo’s colors
that they are known for. I immediately read the purple and white as Yahoo!,
even though the wording said Google. I did this for the same with Yahoo! and how
it was in Google’s colors. This instantly led me to realize how one really does
recognize a company’s design rather than the words themselves. This discovery
ultimately led me to realize how one truly relies on color as a visionary
factor. Alongside this information and discovery, I also uncovered how I am
most attracted to bright colors, specifically the color red. For me personally,
red stands out as it has the most meanings to me. I see it as a representative
for sexiness, success, pain, passion, leadership, and love. From multiple
online quizzes and, I learned that I see this color first and
most because it is psychologically correlated to my personality. From these
results, it also makes sense why I tend to overlook more subdued colors, as I
relate them to failure and sadness. While tracing colors and analyzing them, I
also realized how dull our world would be without it. The inclination would be
proportional to living in a highly contrasting TV. There would be very little
variety and everything would be of similar shades. That would be so dim,
pitiful, and bleak. In this manner, I unequivocally concur that without
shading, the world would undoubtedly be an exhausting spot to exist. Colors
influence and impact our evaluations of everything in our life, from nature, to
design, banners and makes the different races significantly more fascinating
and various.