4. to many students. The main advantage of CNC

international office is located on the first floor. Here students can get
variety of services regarding the academic, financial or personal challenges.
Staff give accurate counselling to the international students related with
personal issues, a lack of career direction or poor study strategies.
Counsellors can help student to develop study skills and assist in working
through personal problems, so they can better focus on their studies. They help
in selecting the suitable courses, provide knowledge about the university
transfer credits, deadlines, program requirement, scheduling, upgrading, and
more. In short, it is a biggest resource for international students for
starting their new journey.

ACCOMMODATION-CNC student residence located a few steps from the main campus, the
residence is home to many students. The main advantage of CNC residence is
centrally located and is close to shopping, transportation routes, recreational
facilities, and forest trails. It features 92 private rooms, each with a
closet, desk, chair, lamp, bed and a mini-kitchen with a microwave oven, sink
and small fridge. More rooms share a bathroom with one other room. Rates start
as low as $450.00 per month and students are responsible for their own food. The
other facilities like park and grassy lawns are perfect for outdoor games.
Student advisors live in the residence during the school year to assist
students with any issues that arise. It is a wider platform for students also
in terms of making new friends and meeting new people. Besides this, while
living with many other people it makes the person more adjusting, understanding,
tolerant and empathetic. This is hence another big advantage of CNC residence
for students.

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and Wellness Centre is very beneficial for the students, they can find a
comprehensive range of services over there. It is located on the main floor,
via the dental wing. I find it is really good specially for international
students like if they don’t have a family doctor, or if they require non-urgent
care, the nurse practitioner or doctor is available to see them. Students can
check the schedule, or book an appointment. Services which are given to the
students include the prescription refills, referral to other healthcare
services, wart removal, PAP, STI, HIV testing IUD insertions, chronic disease
management, counselling. Students just have to complete the brief medical
history before to seeing the nurse practitioner or physician for the first
time. These forms are available
at the Health & Wellness Centre during clinic hours. Appointments may be
made with the clinic physician, Dr. Heather Smith. There is a specific time to
meet the nurse practitioner and physician or counsellor. There is no charge for
registered CNC students who are covered by BC Medical, only Card number will be
required for students to receive services. Hence Health and Wellness is to promote student
body, mind and spirit wellness within a healthy and sustainable campus
environment. CNC support the health and well-being of students. Wellbeing is a
foundation of educational achievement.

1.      LIBRARY- The college library is an excellent resource for students. Library is
located on the second floor. It has a collection of sources of information which
includes- books, databases, classic, catalogue, journals, magazines. CNC
library provides peaceful environment to students for reading or to do research
on their work. The main goal of the library is to help students to succeed in
their studies. A college library plays a great role in the life of a student. I
often visit library when I need any type of book in my course. It is a place
where vast collections of academic books are kept and these books helps me to
increase the knowledge and understanding on various subjects. Apart of text
books I often need reference books to prepare notes I can utilize these books
for the preparation of my notes. Library provides the healthy environment where
I can read with the good concentration because everything is systematic, and
the atmosphere is calm, so I can gain more in less time. There are 8 study
rooms available for students to use in the library. Students can go to the circulation desk
and ask for a booking. Staff will write the name and study topic in the log book. Hence library is a essential part of
the college, students must take the full advantages of the library. They should
also remember that they should not misuse the library books and must be kept

About CNC-The College of New
Caledonia is itself a biggest resource for students because it offers excellent
education and services to their students for the better carrier. Students come
from all over the world to begin their Canadian educational experience at the
college. Besides this, college is located in a safe, vibrant, friendly and
affordable city (Prince George). CNC provides a variety of
services to help students with any academic, financial, or personal challenges.
In addition, these services help international students adjust to living and
learning in Canada. This may include information and support around health
insurance, housing, orientation, workshops, social events and more.

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Instructor- Brenda Koller

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