Professionalism is defined as the
conduct or qualities that mark or characterize a profession or a professional
person.  There are many qualities that go
into professionalism including but not limited to, accountability,
communication, ethics, and maturity. 

Every student that goes into a physical therapy program, or any other
program, needs to recognize that they are each responsible for their own
education.  If they feel as if they are
falling behind the rest of the class, they need to seek out additional resources
to get on the same page instead of not getting the help they need. This can
include asking the professor for further clarification or even finding a study
group or tutor. Communication is probably the most important aspect of them
all.  In the physical therapy field one
needs to be able to be an effective communicator for patients. This helps build
proper patient-therapist relationships. 

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Ethics is defined as moral principles that govern a person’s
behavior.  Any professional must abide by
a Code of Ethics.  The Code of Ethics has
many purposes.  It provides performance
and behavior standards, educates health care professionals and the public about
the standards,  core values, and ethical
principles that guide the conduct of physical therapists, and it defines the
principles that help to form the foundation of every aspect of the physical
therapy field.  In today’s environment, a
wide range of ethical issues can be brought up. 
Staying up to date with published regulations, rules, and conditions is
a must.  There are many available
resources to help us stay up to date including the American Physical Therapy
Association, documents, and websites.  A
student in the physical therapy field needs to be able to discuss health issues
with a patient in a professional and mature manner.  In this field one needs to be mature in order
to be taken seriously by other health care professionals and patients.   If a
patient thinks that someone is not mature and unprofessional, then they will
not entrust their care with them. As a student in the physical therapy field, we
must continuously expand our knowledge in every aspect, uphold a set of ethical
morals, and make strides to communicate with patients.