34. to rise again. But the most common cause

34. Post Traumatic Stress

Post traumatic stress is complex of mental and physical
stress which can caused by remembering any of the traumatic event or
psychological stressful thoughts occurred in the past like assault, fight,
emotional breakdown, or any threat to life, etc. It is a mental disorder in which
there can be recurrent thoughts of the traumatic event, anxiety attacks or nightmares
or ungovernable thoughts.

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There can be behavioral changes as well like avoiding the situations
or the environmental factors which can remind the person of the traumatic
event, they can be hypervigilant for any recurrence of the trauma, or they can
be hyper arousal where they can have increased alarm reaction. The symptoms can
persist for over a month.

Causes and symptoms

There are several for the post traumatic stress. Any
situation or action has different effects on individuals. Some can be prone to
disaster but others can have the optimistic to rise again.

But the most common cause can be interpersonal trauma like
rape or child abuse. Depending on the age such traumas can have different way
of expression, like children of very young age cannot show distress like adults
but they may show the event by acting it out as play. Other children or adults
may undergo depression, sleepless nights, hyperarousal that they cannot
tolerate anyone’s touch.

Other causes can be environmental factors like accidents, natural
disaster, financial breakdown, political activities or the hostilities. These
situations cannot be controlled by pupils. These types of stress can be
expressed in form of general irritability which can result into fits of rage
and often leading to alcohol abuse. People with accidents caused stress can
have temporary loss of memory due to the trauma like retrograde amnesia or
total loss of memory.

So the symptoms are listed as-

Recurrent thoughts of the traumatic event

Avoiding the events or situation that may evoke
the memory of the trauma

Hyper vigilant and  hyper arousal

Memory disability

Depression or loss of the ability for emotional

Drug and alcohol abuse




Sleep disorder


Suicidal thoughts or sense of guilt