3.1 Introduction about EMI Music Industry An example that

3.1 Introduction about EMI Music


An example that appears in mind when thinking about
rugged technologies Music industry. Over the centuries, registration labels
have been able to provide huge profits For music sales, music shows and
business. However, as the biggest source of revenue, Physical sales started to
see a steady decline during the possibility of downloading online Came. But
this decline did not try to understand this new one Warner, Universal, EMI, and
Sony (/) BMG Benefit. These record labels have been continuously followed by
continuous strategic efforts To get their physical sales back to an acceptable
level. However, each key The record label seems to be struggling to keep its
head above water. The answer to questions about why the debates have failed is
very important Scientific literature and ultimately, three main approaches can
be divided. Christensen (1995) began saying it was impossible for a post If you
acquire this new technology directly, they will only see the existing
requirements. Dushmani (2004) believed that he was able to continue to work
successfully It installed the mobile phone in its system. Tripsz, (1997)
finally finished It depends on certain properties and complement assets Not
only old technology, it has become obsolete. Therefore, the second chapter will
be related to the theory written about decay Technology and innovation.
Possible answers to this analysis and positions Explained. The next chapter is
the method used to conduct this case Inspection. The fourth chapter is related
to the analysis of EMI’s strategic decisions For the past fifteen years.
Finally, we will try to examine the last chapter of this decline Christensen
has predicted, or whether it is possible or not Many companies failed to take
responsibility to maintain the hazards Last. The effect of this analysis is
used to make a careful prediction The future of the entire music industry.

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3.2 Disruptive Technology

first player to have played for a long time Technology should define the
survival of companies in a big way. This competition will change their
foundations and their profit margins are not less. He called this event ‘Destruction
Creation’, which means a successful serious technological innovation a pause to
reduce demand for positions due to changing customers the new technology-based
products are their purchasing behavior.


3.3 Why innovative companies are
fighting renewed?

are established and become dominant players in the market, and sometimes they
are There is little incentive to radically change their ideas in production. As
they did Their current value networks are often affected when faced with
serious discoveries. There are a lot of examples of where new ticket sales are
on the market If you can not make the code, do it better than the digital
camera case Its market position should be kept. However, there are some in the
past The success of the post indicates that it is impossible for dominant
warriors Keep their key position even when confronting competing entrances Market
(Ansari, Crap, 2012)

instance, IBM, the company established in mechanical business tools, is able to
Pioneer in Electronic Business Tools (Hill, Rotherham, 2003) But I do not
understand how to get these (technical) findings correctly It’s easy. Over the
years, various theories have been created about what is being done No strategy
should be pursued when conducting a ruthless struggle Innovation. In the next
columns, some of these studies will be discussed









3.3.1 Key Factors for Success

Before deciding how a company is dealing with its
transformation The environment and therefore should change itself, we’ll see A
company, ie resources, processes and natural factors in nature Values. First,
there are enough resources to deal with the most responsible people Innovation
and change, but those sources are mostly used or used Invalid investments.  Secondly, in the processes-the organization
is organized into everything – a game These processes will be determined
because the change in this process is contributed There will be enough to
radically change the way a company operates Business. (Christensen, Orordord,

Furthermore, the responsibility for maintaining the
production and distribution processes Invest in innovations that match their
key business. This way is new The technology / discovery will have their R
& D capabilities and benefits Key Brand (Suite, Telely, 2011) Moreover,
when a company faced a rapid change, the structures should be Keeping the
business alive often contributes to fall. However, A firm wants to change its
structures when faced with changes It disturbs those systems that are used to
increase the risk of failure of the company Confirms credibility. (Hill,
Rothermel, 2003)

Thirdly, companies that work in a company determine
a company’s business Rules for employees are designed to command For instance,
if companies make more profits, they will eat Avoid investing in dangerous and
serious inventions. Most of the time, small, growing If companies do not have
resources, they will take this task on them Needed. On the other hand their
values ??are still invested in these types of investments They do not hesitate
to invest in small markets, and do not need to get a particular and high demand
Margin. Their processes are much more intuitive than predetermined sets and
structures Structures and this is something that gives them the flexibility to
invest in serious innovation On the other hand, the positions are reluctant to
do so. (Christensen, Orordord, 2000)





3.3.2 Three main reasons for the failiure
are Birkinshah and many others

Birkinshaw, Bessant and Delbridge (2007) review
various types of study and They have come to the conclusion that there are
three main reasons for the companies Struggle when dealing with serious and
potentially bad discoveries. First, additional inventions give more incentive Firmness
of future profit. Also, it seems that this will be a profit Very soon realized.
Serious discovery is often fragmented and latitude Wait for companies to leave
their way, Expected projects. And, in the uncertain state, established
companies will invest they are less afraid of extreme innovation because they
fear to crush their own products (hill, Rothermel, 2003)

Second, a responsible person has long-term
relationships with others Companies and a large value network have been
created. These other partners give a company there is little inspiration to
change because it can change their partnerships Use for all players. Creating
new networks ensures that the company receives new intelligence Skills for disruptive

Third, established companies have some practices
depending on their processes Business structures, as mentioned above, are hard
to break. Most of the staff there is no reward and a thought to get out of the
box to bring some improvements to the desk the reward is part of the system.

Serious findings are not necessarily disruptive
findings It is important to prevent new entrance examinations first It is
difficult to find these inventions and thus keep its market Share. To find an
innovation, serious innovation is a necessity in the crumbling.









Important obstacles will attack innovation















Picture 1

Figure 1 shows how the discovery process works and
it gives a clear view of what elements Influence. Innovative forms are often
small infinite loops, which are heavily embedded just. Large cycles are guided
by basic guidelines: identification, development, plant and Implement.
Disruptive discovery is not like a platform from stage to platform increased
novelty, but the continuous process of learning, feedback and feeds forward.
This is affected by many obvious factors, such as the whole process Economics,
politics, social structures and competition, but endocus elements Discussed
above. (Asing M, 2006)



All of these factors can create disruptive findings
of a company’s capabilities. The main blockers for this development have been
identified. The most important is discussed below Adoption Barrier

 Successful products, designs, and technologies
have been successful in this success, preventing risky attempts at dangerous
discoveries. Mindset Barrier

hard to keep their traditional way of throwing it off to established companies.
They have to regularly review their basic approaches and make sure they ‘know’
their routine approaches. In addition, older skills prevent the new skills from
learning. If a firm has to deal with serious discoveries, it’s a lack of
knowledge, it’s not easy to tell any science correctly.

company’s mental and business models work hard and often stand in the way of
interruptions. This is one of the reasons why new business models or successive
companies or foreigners often find success in innovations and positions. Risk Barrier    

expects managers to avoid risks and invest in emerging markets. When faced with
high uncertainty, new opportunities are ignored, especially when dealing with
technical research. Administrators will first ask questions whether or not they
can catch new technology. However, when they invest in intense innovation, its
success depends on the environment in which it is grown. The company must be in
favor of instability and risk-taking and do not support a climate of management
control, but trusted by its employees. Moreover, many companies of established
companies are reluctant to suppress their previous investments. They look at
their income from a short-term perspective and try to preserve their
traditional business. Nascent Barrier

are encouraged to invest in mature technology due to its reliability. In
addition, their highly developed value networks work best in these technologies
and are strongly embedded in the company. Moreover, it is difficult to convince
the customers of a new innovation. (Ahuja, Lambert, 2001) Also, with the acting
establishment, they have no creativity to develop extremist findings.
Furthermore, market research is dependent on existing customers whether or not
a discovery is followed. This is largely rejected, and the market they have not
seen yet. Over time, changing customer needs and established companies should
ask for additional technical nuances instead. Future customer requirements are
specialized to predict, which arises when a new technology introduces itself.
In addition, the discovery teams need to be granted freedom to pursue their
views on a stimulating business system necessary in a vitally changing
environment. Infrastructural Barrier

discovery requires a clear infrastructure, but sometimes it is not very
evolving in the company’s processes. Often, these findings are not properly
followed and are not without competitiveness for final adoption and market