2.3 with a level headed and obtaining premaxilla while

2.3 African catfish


The African catfish is a prevailing freshwater fish. It can develop to in the range  from 1.4 up to 2m long and can also weigh in from a minimum of 8kgs up until 59kgs (Freyhof, 2016). For its characteristic, the body colouration can fluctuates from olive green, to darker and dark with the flanks frequently uniform dim to olive-yellow with dim slate or greenish darker back (FAO, 2012). In its underparts, the colours are pale olive to white and are mottled randomly with dull tanish green, or consistently gleaming olive.

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It is heavy bone with a level headed and obtaining premaxilla while having lower jaw pointed teeth organised in few lines. Meanwhile, it also has four pairs of long trailing sensory organs that is recognise as barbels around its mouth (A-Z animals, 2008). In addition, the catfish has a high number of gill rakers differing from 24 to 110. The number will increase with the size of the fish. These fish are an insatiable beast and will likely eat everything in its sight (Ataguba et al., 2012). Their prey also includes several organism such as the insects, the crabs, the plankton, the snails, small fish, small birds, and many more (Ibrahem, 2011). It is generally an individual bottom feeder, however they are known to be to a great degree versatile to conditions and can move in groups at the water surface. Meanwhile, it can also shows an assortment of strongly behaviour such as sucking the surface for earthbound creepy crawlies and  also some plant pieces  that was washed into the water by overwhelming rains and pack-hunting of small cichlids. The growth is generally rapid, where the fish can obtain their maximum size within a couple of years (FAO, 2008).

African catfish are generally conveyed far and wide around the world. The species can extend from South Africa up to Middle, West and North Africa. It is likewise had been dispersed around different continent such as the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Furthermore, they are also additionally similarly introduce in Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Turkey. It has also been brought into most of the different nations in Africa, Europe, Asia and South America. Similarly to some other species, China also introduced it within its rice fields and is currently holding the position of among the main producing countries (De Silva, 2010). The pattern for African catfish culture has been increase throughout the following years since it introduction as one of the biggest fish species in aquaculture. Even the wholesale for African catfish in the sub-Saharan Africa has been increasing and evolving each year (FAO, 2010).