2.1 change their sustainability reporting practices and create a

               Sustainable Reporting
according GRI and IR


Coca cola is one of the many companies that follows global reporting
initiative GRI sustainability reporting guidelines in order to communicate
their environmental, economic, social and governance performance. GRI also known as Global Reporting Initiative is an
international independent standards organization that helps businesses,
governments and other organizations understand and communicate their impacts on
issues such as climate change, human rights and corruption.

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In 2016 Coca Cola Company noted that it
was their seventh time they have successfully assessed their processes by these
particular guidelines. As a matter of fact, in
addition to reporting on performance indicators required by GRI, Coca Cola
continues to report on any other aspects that interest their shareholders.  As more and more people around the world care
about company’s social and environmental impacts while making purchase
decisions, Coca Cola decided in 2016 to change their sustainability
reporting practices and create a new layout for their sustainability report.
This allowed them to reach out to much more people around the world in addition
to their traditional interested shareholders. By changing the layout of their
reports Coca Cola aimed to achieve three main things: clearly state why and how
sustainability is important to the company; capture the main last year
highlights, regarding the topic and finally, involve as much people as they can
into the discussion about the sustainability’s importance.

Despite all, Coca Cola is doing everything to make it easier for
shareholders and concerned customers to locate the information that matters
them the most. An interactive and colourful Coca Cola’s sustainability report
allows their readers to get familiar with a quick summary of the year’s
highlights and provides the option to dig deeper into the topic, with the help
of online modules, that are full of interesting and dynamic real-life stories
and blogs. Regarding the scheme of the report, it is very simple and easy to
navigate: each page is devoted to a particular topic, such as agriculture,
water consumption etc, and consists of 5 main things:


1.                         Name
of the topic

2.                         Company’s
approach to the topic in one sentence

3.                         Explanation
of the importance of the topic to the business

4.                         Year’s
progress and overall highlights regarding the topic

5.                         Links
to the full year’s update and more about the topic on Journey


Throughout the Coca Cola Journey, a separate and much bigger
communicating platform, company includes additional discussions on their
priority issues, goals, metrics, partnerships and programs. While the
Sustainability Report includes only highlights of the year with access to our
disclosures, policies and programs. What is more, on Journey, Coca Cola also
includes links to their partners’ websites to make it easier for their readers,
whether it would be their customers or shareholders, to learn more about their
projects, partners and goals regarding sustainability.


In the Sustainability Report of Coca Cola the company disclosures
their management approach to priority issues and they provide information about
the company’s sustainability goals, metrics, partnerships and programs.

Coca Cola has updated their reporting structure in order to provide
easy online access to more real-time updates about the company’s sustainability
program. Instead of producing an annual sustainability
report the company is continually providing sustainability updates on an
ongoing basis.

The aim of the new
reporting structure is to target a wider audience.