The 13th is a documentary by Ava DuVernay on the complicated and twisted constitutional amendment that was supposed to end slavery, but the carefulness of the words made a way for the incarceration system to continue take advantage of people of color in the United States. In less than two hours, DuVernay makes a claim that the 13th Amendment is a foundation for the fractured political landscape we have today. As a conservative, I was quick to dismiss this as a type of propaganda, but I took a stand on my beliefs to learn more. The legislative idea behind three strikes, mandatory sentencing and militarization of police forces started when Clinton was president in the 1990s. There is old footage from the Civil Rights era, where racist and police beat and assault non-violent black protestors. There is talk about how activist back in the day used the power of media to show these injustices and how it relates to smartphones and body cameras today.  This documentary was one of the most interesting documentaries that I have watched. I was shocked and appalled by all the information and graphics that were presented. The is a huge problem that involved race in the United States. First of all, race is a socially constructed concept. A lot of the problems that they are facing has to do with how society degrades people of color. The United States makes up just 5% of the population. The most shocking fact is that the United States makes up 25% of the worlds prisoners. This is a astonishing 2.3 million people in jail. Why is this? The documentary goes into depth as to why this is the case. I really liked the first portion of the documentary. It related a lot to our talks in class about privilege and oppression. Everyone is a product of history whether we want to be or not. White people are products of history of what they chose. Black people are product of what they did not choose. Slavery was and economic system in the south before the Civil War. After the Civil War and the abolishment of slavery, the Southern economy took a turn for the worse. The economy crashed because it relied so heavily on slavery to produce goods. They had to find a way to rebuild the economy. Their answer was using the 13th amendment as a loop hole around it. It said that no one can work as a slave unless they are criminal. The 13th amendment was a way to arrest the flux of free African American men and woman now. Black people were arrested for the stupidest of crimes and put into jail to work as slaves and rebuild the economy. It was absolutely shocking to hear this. White men were scared and use the black population to rebuild the economy.