16 wines to restaurants. However, according to the winemaker,

16 Mile Cellar – the 5 W’s, and their mission statementWho16 Miles Cellar is a small, family-owned winery and located at the foot of 20 Mile Bench near the town of Jordan, Ontario. They claimed that the goal of sustainability and environmental protection is achieved in their wine growing and wine making process, and the climate characteristics of the Niagara Escarpment is featured in their wines.Position in the IndustryThey are a small batch, independently owned winery that creates approx 1000 cases a year of two grape varietals, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. They have created several different styles with these two grapes and are content to remain with these as their only choices out of their vineyard.They are a very small winery, with a limited selection and limited hours of visitation and are not looking to change that.  Their primary objective is to sell out of each year’s product within 12 months of bottling.WhyCurrently the winery appears to have the challenge of sales and they are looking for suggestions on their sales strategy and social media solutions. From the primary visit and study of the winery, it shows the deficiency in the following aspects of work:1)       Less contribution in Marketing & PRThe winery has a website and has been operating social media account. Their Facebook account has 142 followers, and Instagram 412 followers. The winery has achieved several wine awards, however, there is no approached media coverage of that.2)       Fewer sales channels developedRight now the winery has hired some students in Toronto as part-time sales people, selling their  wines to restaurants. However, according to the winemaker, those orders are not seeing a turn around on sales.3)       Small sized retail & tasting room makes it impossible to serve group of travelers.The tasting room is around 150 sq ft, which can serve 8 people maximum. This may shut the doors for any partnership with group tour companies.4)       Limited number of staffThe Winemaker Regan has multiple job responsibilities, including winemaking, retail and tasting room management, operation, sales and social media. This may result in some aspects of work being done less effectively, especially those things she has no passion for.SizeThe company has a small scale of production at 1000 cases of wine each year, and has a limited number of staff. According to its website, the company has a president and a vice president (the owners), an organic vineyard manager, a winemaker and a farm consultant.What is this establishment, When did they become establishedWhere are they located They were founded in 2010 after 30 years of winemaking in a basement, and have now turned into the production of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay varietal wines that are handmade and hand-picked. 16 Mile Cellar has been nominated at enormous award events and has been able to achieve at least a bronze at every event they participated in. It started when they launched their very first vintage in the year 2011 – Civility Chardonnay. They are located at the foot of 20 miles bench near the town of Jordan, Ontario. The years old family enthusiasm for winemaking has led to having some of the 100 years old grapes on 20 acres of the 28 at the property and the wines exhibiting the rich soil and climate characteristics of the Niagara Escarpment. The company produces 1000 cases a year which has most of its market in Toronto, Ontario. In the year 2014 they were successful in getting their retail license and since then, the wines have experienced expansion in their sales.Goals:            The primary goal is to create a plan to sell out of their previous vintages and each subsequent vintage, either by increasing licensee sales, creating a wine club, encouraging more visitors to the winery through social media or other PR, or a combination thereof. Inspiration for accomplishing this can be taken from the success of small, boutique wineries including Pearl Morrisette, Five Rows, and Daniel Lenko.Key Players:            Key players at 16 Mile Cellar include Susan Barnacal, the President and owner, and Joseph Groia, Vice President and owner. However, the primary 16 Mile Cellar representative on this project is Regan Kapach, the winemaker and retail manager. She makes decisions both with and on behalf of the owners, runs the social media, and would do most of the work for any changes proposed, including running a wine club, creating events, and increasing hours of operation at the winery.Mission Statement:            They do not have a specific mission statement as of yet, however it can be summarized as: “We are zealous winemakers who work hard to ensure each bottle meets our standards by producing small quantities of hand-picked, hand-made, and distinctive wines.”