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best places in Dalhousie

is a small tourist’s place that is 26 kms away from Dalhousie. Bestowed with
the enchanting beauty and the soothing climate, it gives you no lesser feeling
from being in either Switzerland. It is situated at the elevation of 6500ft, it
has vast green meadows and dense forests apart from its scenic beauty and glory
of snow covered mountains will compel you to visit this majestic place at least
once. Not only can this but you also enjoy the Khajjar Lake and the chimera
lake that adds a feather to its hat. If you are interested in trekking then again
it welcomes you for the same. It is a gateway to the Chamba, Dalhousie and Kalatop
wildlife sanctuary. It proves to be the best photogenic place as it is fully
loaded with flora and fauna. The best timings to visit Khajjarare between March
to October. It is one of those offbeat travelling places where you would love
to spend some time far apart from the daily rush routine. Stepping back to the
historical part we will find that this awesome place has fascinated a number of
kings and there wonderful kingdoms. Also it is well known for the
nine-hole-golf-course in the green meadows and the perfect picturesque. You can
enjoy the attractive adventures like paragliding, horse-riding, zorbing and
many more. All in all its going to be a worth place to be visited.

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Dainkund peak:Dainkund
peak is welcoming peak that blow your minds away. Scenic beauty including snow
covered peaks and lush green meadows will bound you not to leave the place. It
is the highest peak in Dalhousie and during winters, it receives the maximum
snowfall. Although for you will find a Motorable distance that will take you up
to the hill but it will be a recommendation that you please go on foot because
the surrounding views are really breathtaking. Surrounded all around by the
forests of deodar pine and colorful flowers, it also covers up a view of
Khajjar Lake from top. Now you can imagine what an overwhelming view it’s going
to be. Standing at the height of 2577 mt, it gives you 360 degrees astonishing
view of the surrounding lush green meadows, trees and mountains. Its glory gets
even more added during the monsoon season when its colorful flower valley gets
bloomed up and spread a unique kind of scent in the atmosphere. You will listen
here the peaceful music. Don’t worry there won’t be any music system but this
music will be of the blowing breeze passing through the trees, that surely you
won’t wish to miss. So if you are planning to Dalhousie then must go to this


Bakrota hills:   these are the amazing hills that can
be spotted in Dalhousie.  Bakorta hills
are surrounded with bulk of green forests and awesome snow covered mountains,
and landscape. Located at the altitude of 2085 mt from the sea level, you would
surely love to visit the place for refreshment of mind, and feel comfortable in
the lap of Mother Nature. Just at the distance of 5 kms you will reach the Barkota
mall. This place has really got a different essence in its air that you should
at least go to these hills at least once, to catch the fantastic view of snow
clad mountains. The best time to make a tour for this place is during winters,
because in this time the mountains get covered with snow and you will
experience the white beauty all around. 
Since this place is completely encircled with the oak, deodar and the
pine trees, a magical effect is created on the hill, when the first ray of sun
strikes it. During morning hours, you can go for a true refreshing morning
walk. Its indispensable beauty will blow your minds away and refresh you up for
the whole day.


Chameralake:Chamera lake is one of the glamourous lakes you could ever see. It is
basically a reservoir that is formed because of the Chamera dam. It is those
beautiful tourist spot and major attractions of Dalhousie. You can go for
fishing, boating in the lake. With this you can also amidst the encircling
forests of deodar and pine trees and catchy valleys. It is a water sport
sub-center that offers you a different kind of enjoyment and peace near water
place.   This lake is the major source of
water supply for the localities and is fed by RaviRiver. The location of this lake is favorable as it can be
easily reached from Dalhousie, Chamba and Pathankot which are 25 km, 40 km, and
100 km away from the lake respectively. Chamera Lake is an artificial lake that
is completely encircled the green trees and exquisite valleys. It is the only
source of irrigation and livelihood for the villagers in and around the lake.
Basically, if you are visiting Dalhousie, or even the Chamba then you are ought
to visit this place for sure.


Chandadevi temple:Chanda
devi temple is locataed on the excellent banks of baner river. If you visit
this place then you will get the perfect views for the wooden forests of Lahl
and Pathihar. The beauty and piousness of Chamundadevi temple can never be described
in words. Chamundadevi temple is believed to be built more than 750 yrs back.
Suggested by the name itself, this temple is dedicated to goddess Kaali, who is
known for her ferocious incarnation of goddess Durga, the most powerful among
all. Moving back to the historical part of this place, it is believed that
goddess Ambika had killed two of the demons, Chand and Mund at this place only,
in a battle that was being fought for thousands of years. The deity in the
temple is covered all around with a red colored cloth, so that the pilgrims may
not touch it. Apart from this, you will also find out a number of images of
several gods and goddess in the temple itself.


Sach pass: it is one of the dense forests among
the deodar forests in Khajjar, in Himachal Pradesh is Sach pass.  Situated at the altitude of 4890mt this pass
gives you the best surrounding scenery. Obviously, you would love to be three
among the clouds on the hills. This pass lies in pirpanjal range of the Himalaya;
also it connects chamba valley and pangi valley. This is the shortest pass
route to killer that is located in the deep George of Chenab River. You can add
on a more page to your diary when you will pen down the glamour of this place.
Here you can depict the beautiful and dense forests, gurguling streams, narrow
roads and steep climbs. It is a kind of easy to moderate trek that gradually ascents and sometimes baffle the trekkers,
mainly amateur. It grabs a lot of attention of many trekker with its greenery,
natural beauty and amazingly fantastic. 
This trek starts from Dalhousie and starts to heads towards khajjar,
that will take you among the dese deodar forests, nine hole golf course and an
old temple. Aftrentouting to khajjar you may leave for chamba where you can
visit the laxmi Narayan temple and bhurisingh museum. Once you need to start
for the trek ypu would need acclimatization, and the best time to visit this
trek is during the summers.


Ganji Pahari:ganji Pahari is a famous walking area
in Dalhousie. It is located in bakrota hills at the distance of just 5 kms fro,
Dalhousie. Now, you are not going to see any trees, greenery, or anything,
rather it would feel you like a bald patch of hill, and hence is the name it
got, the bald hill, viz. ganjipahadi. For trekkers it is the idyllic
destination as It will take you just 1 hr walk from the city and reach the
hill. After reaching the hill you will experience a different kind of peaceful
environment. Devoid of any plantations, still it could proof to be a best
picnic spot. You can enjoy the leisurely time with your family and friends in
the fresh air and the beautiful valley and mountainous surroundings. It is a
marked place right from punchpula till the hill top but it would be really
safer it you take a guide with you.   
Please try to give a complete day for starting the trek and spending
some quality time at this hill. Ganjipahadi can be visited throughout the year
but the real essence of the place could be felt during the winters, when this
pahadi get covered with the snow, and if you are getting confused between
choosing daytime or nighttime then surely you will trek in early morning
duration when you can see the intense beauty of the place.


Kalkatophill:  Kalkatop is the prestigious place in Himachal
that is well known to be covered with snowcapped mountains and dense forests of
deodar and fir. If you are a traveler, who wanders about in search of natural
splendors, then this is the correct place for you.  Located at the distance of 12 kms from
Dalhousie, it can be reached by trekking. It can be the best picnic place to be
visited with family and friends. It is well famous for a number of things like,
kalkatop wildlife sanctuary. This sanctuary has its laid out its trekking
trails at kalkatop and khajjar. The
wildlife sanctuary is pretty much known for its natural walks, picnics spots
and trekking.  Although you won’t find
any Guide for the tours still hiking and trekking are the best ways to explore
the sanctuary. The best time to visit the place is between March and May. It is the most amazing place in
Dalhousie that can make you fall in love with it. At the altitude of 2500 mt,
you can witness the greenery and vast variety of wild animals like Black Bear, Pheasants, and Himalayan Black Marten. All
these beautiful things can be explored when you will walk on foot and capture
each of the moment, passing the way in your eyes.


Mystic boat cruise:
if you are especially in search of the uninterrupted view of the hill station
then mystic boat cruise will be the best for suited for you. Mystic boat cruise are especially for
those who are in search of the serene nature for the paramount experience, this
mystic boat cruise is the one for you. This place will make you realize the
sense of calmness and peacefulness, far away from the hustle-bustle of daily
routine, with the view of uninterrupted snowcapped mountains. Once you get to
experience of the majestic beauty of cruising, you won’t like anything else as
the operators of the boat organize many tours throughout the day.  It is the one cruise that will serve you the
best way out of all; they organize the continuous cruise at regular intervals,
and also can organize the separate cruise for you if you are in a good big
number. Although the pricing will surely vary according to the boat you have
chosen and the time period for which you are staying in the water.


10.  Rangmahal:if you have planned a trip to Dalhousie,
and decided to go to chamba valley, and if you are skipping rangmahal, then its
going to be your major mistake, because, once you pay a visit to this place
surely, definitely you will love it. 
Dating back for the history, it was built I 18th century
.Rang mahal is a magnificent building that was built by raja Umed Singh as a
residence for royal women.It is situated in the lap of lush green forests, this
rang mahal is the beautiful combination of both Mughal and British
architecture, as previously, it used to be the residence for many royals. Also
it is one of the largest monuments in, whose belongings and the treasures are
safely preserved in chamba. Once there used to be  the large beautiful paintings inside, but now
that has been shifted to the “delhi national meuseum”, but still the place has
a rich collection of holy scriptures,
manuscripts, crafts, paintings, coins, and old jewelry. Also you can carrylots of handicraft
stuff from here for you and your family like,
handmade handkerchief, woolen shawls, and ethnic slippers. There are some of
the rooms or rather to say “royal room” that has been transformed to the
workshop rooms for shoemaker, embroiderers, and other local craftsmen. You can
purchase their products at fair prices.



11.  Sach
pass: sach pass is most visited pass in Dalhousie that is also
used by the pangi officials and shepherds. Although you have to walk for long
and long and long still it is very easier comparatively easier and full of fun.
For this trek you really need to be very careful as the layers of atmosphere
get decreased gradually and the air gets thinner so you may face some lack of
oxygen that may affect your breathing, as you have to climb up the steep
mountain slopes that are much above the vegetation zone. So it is recommended
that moving in groups would rather be a better option. While you will climb up,
sometimes you may listen to the roaring sound of falling hills, avalanche,
strong breeze, which is very common there. However, local people believe that
these kinds of noise are disapproved by goddess Bhagwati, the presiding
deity.so join your hand pray to the lord and start you amazing trek.  But out of all things, the magnificent
scenery and the charm of the place is really worth watching. From this pass,
you get a mesmerizing view of rivers of plain in south, and lower vegetation,
and you can imagine what a wonderful view it’s going to be when you are watching any greenery from
the top of anything. The snowy pinnacles, adds more glory to place’s charm.


12.  Satdhara falls: satdhara falls are the ones which has
a bulk of beauty and its simply master and amazing place. With the serene
environment, it has a good collection of scenic beauty.  It is an amalgamation of seven small streams according
to the name that are believed to have the curation properties.   It is most visited and the unique
destination in Dalhousie. You must take some time for this wonderful place of
satdhara. It can be a bet that once you reached the place, you will shed away
all your stress and get a much relaxed sensation. Also it is the best
sightseeing and picnic spot in Dalhousie. Locals believe that these streams
have an element in it that is mica or gandhak in local language that has
medicinal properties that heals many ailments and diseases. These seven streams
merge together to form an outstanding view that makes the imposing kind of
scenario. If you are a peace and nature lover and you want to spend leisurely
time in the lap of nature then this is the best place as here you can witness
everything that a perfect picturesque must have, right from mountains to
greenery to flowers to water streams and all in an equal ratio, that will
surely behold your soul with it. It is located on the route to punchpula and
really is the best sightseeing place.


13.  St. Francis Church of Dalhousie:  this church is 119 years old that makes you
compel to visit due to its piousness and the amazing backdrop of the great
Himalayas. Obviously if you are a bit aware of what you are doing and where you
are going to go and what you are going to explore, then surely you trip is
going to be the best of all. This church throughout the year invites a number
of visitors across the world and is the most ecstatic place for holidays. It is
just a km away from the main city, is a catholic church and it is controlled by the Catholic diocese of
Jalandhar. By
controlling it meant by it maintenance and proceeding holdings are taken under
by diocese of Jalandhar. It has a beautiful design carved originally but
replicated from the British church in England. You can easily reach church from
the subash chowk, that even be added in your hit list of travelling Dalhousie.
Turning back the pages of history for it, you will find it to be a century and
19 years older that was constructed with the efforts of the local people army
men and the officers in this area. Since all kind of people contributed to this
church, thus it welcomes all the visitors open heartedly. While entering the
church you must not wear black colored clothes ever. Also it is the facility
available of candles outside the church, once if you forget to carry them.
Overall, just for the sake of calmness and peace you must visit this church.


14.  Subashbaoli: the place got its name after the
great Subash Chandra Bose. This famous freedom fighter has spent his many years
at this place. It is the wondrous place among the huge tall standing pine trees
that makes place even more pleasant.  It
surrounding views make it the most famous and loved tourist destination.  It is the most detectable view for the
snowcapped mountains and dense trees. This is the place where subash Chandra
bose, used to sit and meditate around the scenic beauty of mind blowing
mountains. The blowing winds, flowing water and the lush greenery invites the
tourists from far places. It is believed that the water in the stream is the
medicated one that revitalizes the health. Also the waterfall opposite to the
stream is like apple to the pie. All these scenes make the place even more
beautiful.  The mind-blowing surroundings
make a perfect picturesque for the photographer and the tourists as well. It is
not just the valley, but not less than any heaven for the eyes.