1-What on efficiency benefits. Each factor will be more

1-What are likely to be the main categories of costs and benefits in establishing the cell? Are there any non-financial benefits, which should be taken into account?Training-related costs, It ensures that publishers can act as experts in their respective fields. This may require a short period of inactivity or even a halt in production where they seek to increase the speed of workers2- At what stage, and how, should Dean sell his idea to the Joinery Manager and the workers?Mr. Hammond should sell this idea to a carpentry manager in the second stage, For Mr, Hammond this idea can be sold to internal stakeholders such as carpentry manager and production workers by focusing on efficiency benefits. Each factor will be more productive and more capable of producing work within the estimated time limits. There will also be less time and effort3- How different would the cell work be to that in the main Joinery Department?This will be the only proposed cell for the stairs, and requires separate work from the Carpenters outside the cell with the ability to complete other products such as windows and doors, the reason that the demand for stairs is larger than these productsHowever, if the cell model works well for ladders, it can be applied later to the production of other elements4- Should Dean differentiate the working environment by providing distinctive work-wear such as T-shirts and distinctively painted machines, in order to reinforce a cultural change?uniforms and painted machines can be an effective way to identify discrete processes and departments , This can remove the mistake and also cause to encourage joiners to stay within their respective areas. Staff within and outside the cell both Hammond should be careful not to feel marginalized in any way5-What risks are associated with Dean’s proposal?creating a staircase cell and extra training for inexperienced cell operators will cause initial spending costs for B company is also faced with the danger that workers will not be well placed to switch to the cell system. Experienced workers can act passively and resign, leaving a knowledge gap that is difficult to replace.