1. their personality and the way of life, the


1. For an identical twin, they will have the same genetic
material nature, but living in a different environment the nurture will cause
them to have a different personality. For example, if the identical twin was
separated when they were young, one living in a nice chill neighborhood and the
other one lives in those ghetto areas. In this case, their characteristic will
still be the same because that is what they inherited to their DNA. These two
environments will shape their personality and the way of life, the one in the
good environment might get a better education and have a better life. Then the
one live in the bad environment might not have much education and their life
might be tough.


2. Self is what we think we are. Cooley explains the
“looking glass self” is what we see our self in other people’s eye, and develop
who we are based on that. Cooley’s three phases of self: we consider how do we
look in other’s eye, define our “self” based on how people react to
us, and then we develop our sense of self. Mead identify Me is our interaction
with others in the society, and I is our opinion to the societies opinion. The
significant others are the people are close to us that will bring the good
environment to us, and we can learn from them to create our own self. Mead
identifies three-stage: preparatory stage, play stage, and the game stage. The
preparatory stage is when we are young, we will copy the people that we
interact with. The play stage is a child will take a role of another person,
like doing stuff that their parent does. The game stage is the child start
think of serval role interact with each other.

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3. The dramaturgical approach is mean our life is like a
movie, everyone is the actor in this movie. Goffman believes when we born we
are on the stage of everyday life already, and there are a front-stage and a
backstage. Front-stage is the most part of our life, where we will interact
with people like a classroom, family reunion. The backstage is the time that we
really are us and is private, like when you at home. The impression management
depends on the different occasion we will behave and react differently to fit
into that environment.



4. Family, school, peer, religion, workplace, and the mass
media, etc., are some of the agents of the socialization. In school, we got
educated and learn the difference between gender, what is a male or a female is
supposed to do. Technology is a powerful tool to help people with
socialization. We can learn almost everything online now. We can see how people
talk now by communication with each other through text. We can see what people
wear now by shopping online or watching variety show.



5. Total institutions are one of the institutions of
resocialization that where people are isolated and force them to follow someone
else’s rule. The four traits of total institutions: most parts of their life
happened at the same place and is control by a single group, any event is
conducted by the institution under the same circumstance, the authorities will
plan out schedule and plan without asking the participant, all of the life of
total institution is for certain goal to the organization. The degradation
ceremony is one give up their old identity and giving a new identity. Like an
elder going to the senior care, they have to leave everything behind to live in
the senior care center to have a different life as before.



6. The society treats the elderly population in a good and
bad way. Good is there are so many benefits when you get old. The bad is they
kind of got push out of the society, there is not much place will hire older
people, they all want young people that can work. Disengagement theory is a
saying that is inevitable that the older people got left behind the society.

The activity theory is the older stay mentally healthy and stays active to make
themselves happy. A solution to ageism can think about when you get old, do you
want someone treat you bad. Be nice and kind to the elder, talk to them and
have fun with them too. Treat them like how you want to be treated when you get