1. literacy.” 2. LITerATure revIew We followed a procedure


Technology is study of skills. Modern world is characterized by rapid growth and development of information
technology (IT) resulting in more dependence of the society, in a wider sense, on
the individual knowledge and competence of a person in the IT area. Although
this addiction grows on day
after day basis, the human right to education and information
is not extended to IT area.
IT has great potential to improve
excellence, quality, efficiency and
effectiveness. Supervision IT, human resources present a
demanding task for executives. As organizations
jumble up between positions
involving in-house employment, to agile
employment, and to outsourced support for IT, the need to efficiently
obtain, supervise  and 
raise  appropriate IT human resources assumes greater significance.

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need to develop, maintain, operate, support a portfolio
of information systems never disappears. The past decade has seen the regular
appearance of information technology as a new computing discipline in
educational institutions. In the past, the time between introducing and using
new technologies was somewhat long.

The introduction of new Information
technologies alters the parameters of the staffing decisions constantly.
Despite economic down streams, down turns and downsizing trends, the demand for
new IT professionals is expected to grow over the coming years 12.

The introduction of new IT in organizations makes the staffing dilemma more demanding, given the lack  of acquaintance with the expertise, the education curve connected with its incorporation, the qualified scarcity of
experienced human resources. With hurried


development of IT and further deepening of
information production, more and more enterprises have  realized the tactical value of IT and made great reserves in it. however, during IT implementation procedure, decision- making,
conversion degree, and IT performance is often
substandard to the expectation. IT has became full-fledged quickly and gratitude
to a tremendously dynamic and tight-knit
academic group of people,
undergone an evolution
unlike any other computing regulation.

Information and Communication Technology including issues related to reliability, usability, performance and trust.
ICT has the potential to
“connection the information
in  terms  of  civilizing  excellence of education, increasing the magnitude
of quality educational
opportunities, making knowledge building probable through borderless and unlimited
accessibility to resources and
people, and getting
populations in inaccessible areas to satisfy their basic right to education. As various ICTs become
increasingly reasonable, reachable, and interactive, their role at all levels of
education is likely
to be all the more significant in making
didactic outcomes relevant to the labour
market, in revolutionizing educational pleased and release,
and in encouragement “information literacy.”


LITerATure revIew

We followed a procedure for
a systematic review, described
in review paper3 (based on the Cochrane handbook  for  systematic
 reviews  of
 Interventions 4,  the  university
 of  York’s
 Centre  for  reviews  and Dissemination’s
guidance for those carrying out or commissioning reviews5, and consultation with software engineering
specialists on the topic and methods.) This procedure specifies the research questions,
inclusion and exclusion criteria, quality criteria, data extraction,


2.1       data sources and data collection

The data searching strategy included
online electronic data searches and manual searches of various national and
international conference proceedings. In this context, following online
journals databases were searched

AsQ  digital  library

Ieee explore

springer  link  and  Journals


research  gate

direct –elsevier

In addition we also searched volumes
of various conference proceedings-

ICrTes  2013

ICrTes  2014

ConfluenCe 2013

ICAeT 2014

ACsITeeT 2014

ICACeA 2014

ICrTC  2013

sACTA 2014

 mAnTrnA  2014

IC3 2013


Acceptance and rejection criteria

The studies which presented quality data
on Information Technology or Information and Communication
Technology were accepted. Some
very old studies were rejected
if they were not up to the mark. The author’s main focus was to accept
qualitative and quantitative methods based research studies.


search strategy

For searching research papers, we used Google search engine
and MSn search engine. For this activity, we made some  combinations  from  the  area of information technology.
Some of those combinations are as follows-

Information technology

Information and communication technology

evolution of information technology

Past of information technology

generation of information technology


Quality Assessment

For doing quality assessment, the authors did follow the criteria defined in
c. The three main issues defined in 6 are as follows-

Rigor-has a
thorough and appropriate approach been applied
to key research methods in the study?

Credibility- Are the findings
well-presented and meaningful?

Relevance.-how useful are the findings
to the software industry and the research community?


data extraction

At this final stage, data was  extracted from  each of the study. The data was extracted on the basis of parameters like the research method used, domain, publication etc…The
extracted data will be used in several phases of this research work.


data extracted

some of these positions will, no doubt, be filled by overseas
providers, a sizeable
demand still exists.
 Projections  from
 research  suggest
that the u.s. shortfall will reach more than
6 million  jobs
by 2015. In a survey of
the top concerns of
IT executives in 2006, IT human  resources  were  rated 
the second most important
issue7. As organizations


seek new efficiencies and as technology
permits the incorporation of alternative sources of human resources, new
creative staffing
options  are  being 
added  to the traditional
options of recruitment, training, and temporary contracting2.

In the past, the time between introducing and using new technology was quite long. Today, however, new technology is used immediately
after it is introduced, and because we
are not always sure
about the technology’s utility or potential
adverse effects, the associated risk analysis is conducted
much later. This is a major
reason that many companies face monetary
and technical risks. Furthermore,
companies that have never used