1. It has also been predicted that Ohio would

1.       What are the
main consequences of climate change that will specifically affect Northern

Climate change in northeast Ohio
have become a concern for many. It has already been noted now that the annual
average temperatures in the region have been steadily increasing. Heavy
precipitation has become much more frequent along with shorter winters. At this
alarming rate it has been projected that by the end of the century the
temperatures would rise up to 12 degrees in the winter and up to 14 degrees in
the summer. It has also been predicted that Ohio would receive much more rain
during the winters and less during the summer, which some believe could produce
regional droughts.  Due to the change in
precipitation, farm land will be more moist during the planting and harvesting
season , but dry during the growing season, which would result in  a low level of productivity from the farm
lands being effected.

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2.       There is a
certain amount of material in these documents about risk assessment.  That
seems to be one of the main issues when considering the problem of consequences
and mitigations.  While it is a consensus position that climate change is
occurring and that it is anthropomorphic, the actual long-term consequences are
not specifically known.  We have a range of possibilities for what could occur.  Write at least 500 words on how
risk assessment should take into account the uncertainty of specific
consequences.  When answering this question, think of a particular region
and a kind of occurrence that might be expected (like a specific climate event
such as, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, droughts, floods). 


Climate change
risk assessment looks at the direct risk that comes from the climate response
to emissions, along with the risk that come from humans’ effect and climate and
then the future pathway of global emissions. Drought can really hit agriculture
and economies around the world hard. Not all droughts are the same, droughts
vary in duration and intensity. Things like that make it difficult to assess
the impact and risk of drought. Estimating the future risk of how droughts will
be are based on future climate change projections and projections of exposed
land and people, which both have many uncertainties. A lot of these projections
depend on the combination of the rate of emissions along with changes in
precipitation. The future impact that a drought has not only on land and agriculture,
but also on people, depends on a multitude of things. Some of these things
include population change and economic growth.




3.       The Trump
administration is involved in a process of removing scientific data from
government websites.  It has also removed information on climate.  Is
this a good idea?  Why or why not?  In the long run, the people own
those data, our taxes payed for their collection.  Federal law guarantees
access.  What should we do to access them?   The former
government of Canada led by Prime Minister Harper also deleted a large quantity
of environmental data starting in 2013.

The administration should not be
able to just remove scientific data from the government websites like they’re
doing and something should be done to put a stop to it. In my personal opinion
it’s not good and to me it looks like the administration is trying to get rid
of certain information for their own benefit. I don’t think what they’re doing
is benefiting the American people, especially removing information on climate.
We already know that there’s a big climate problem and by the administration
deleting information like this, it feels like they’re kind of just brushing
this topic to the side, like they’re trying to make it seem as if the climate
change isn’t important. It also makes me think that this administration is not
looking for a solution to climate change, but instead it is just trying to
shift focus away from it. People should have access to this data and be
permitted to see what was there prior to the Trump administration’s changes.
It’s important that people be able to see this information because climate
change is a real problem that is in need of a solution and through the use of
this information maybe someone will be able to figure out what needs to be