1) inches (3.81mm). (2) laptop size keyboard: .laptop size


1) KeyBoard : keyboard are a interface between human and computer. keyboard represented
as a layout of buttons.Each buttons or key can be used for take input from the
user for computer.

2) Type of key board :

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(1) standard key board: this is keyboard such as
a simillar to the type writer. standard keyboard have keys that are divide on  three quarter and center key have a travel of
at least 0.150 inches (3.81mm).

(2) laptop size keyboard:  .laptop size key boards are
medium size key board.character sign and numeric number both are together and function
is available for the use of these operators and numerical keys.

flexible keyboards: Flexible keyboards
combination of normal type and laptop type key boads :  In normal from the full arrangement of keys,
and in the laptop from the short key distance.

Handheld: Handheld keyboard are specially made for the gaming controller and
video games.

Thumb-sized :A thumb sized keyboard is basically use in the phones. Numeric
keys, alphabetics keys, all keys are connected to each other. These all are
used in key paid phones.   

(6) multifunctional keyboard: multi funactional
key boards have many functionality in the keryboard. Users can an add
functionality in this keyboard. functions as smart card readers, macros
sets,touchscreen… Etc

Screen input devices:

1)microphone: Microphones are called as a mic. Microphones
are very useful in phone calls, and recording some sounds; speech

2)Pointing devices(Ex. Mouse, joystick,pen..etc.):
A pointing device is typically use for poiniting  to particular object. Mouse used as a pointing
devices in computer.Common use of mouse is moving the cursor.     

3)Touchpad: A touchpad is also same work as the
mouse. Touchpad are a common features in laptop computers.wireless touchpads
are also avavilble as detached accessoriess.

4)Touchscreen: A touch screen is a works as an
input and output. A user can give a input for the when he touch the screen with
a fingure or some particular object.