1. in areas such as trade, exchange and political

1. The formation of the European Union has led to
sustainable global interactions among nations to maintain

peace and stability. – Justify.

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Sustainability and global peace is the epitome of
importance in our society. Changes in the previous generations have made a
clear impact on our present environment. The significance of global
organizations has played a huge role in shaping our future. These global
organizations act as a place where nations can find common solutions to complex
problems. The European Union is one such example of an organization which has
brought together many nations in order to create stability. The European Union
was primarily established to prevent the destruction caused by the World War II,
with aiming to create an environment of trust with the countries of Europe
cooperating in areas such as trade, exchange and political alliance between
twenty eight European member states. It promotes economic and social solidarity
while preserving the European identity and diversity.

The European Union was a long time dream that has evolved
into a union of member states that packs a solid economic wallop and political
purpose. The
second world War led to a great deal of damage to the nation of Europe and its
foundation. The destruction caused political forces to enforce laws to increase
economic interdependence amongst the countries and unions. The idea of
enforcing laws and unions to increase economic interdependence led to the
formation of the European Coal And Steel Community (in short knows as, the
ECSC). The idea of introducing the ECSC was proposed by French Foreign
minister, Robert Schuman in 1950. The ECSC acted as a means of a power which
was created to unify certain European powers after the worl war II. Tracing
back to era of the European Union, Coal and Steel were highly symbolic and
vital to the lives of people. Rober Schuman decided that pooling the countries
on the basis of coal and steel would help rise the lever of peace and
sustainability to create a healthier environment, prior to the past destructons
causes by the World War II. The ECSC was established through the signing of the
Treaty of Paris. Some may interpret that moment was a building block towards
European integration due to the fact that post World War II, coal and steel
were renowned elements in terms of industrial procedures and in terms of
revenue and the status of a country’s power. The Treaty of Paris was later
signed on the 18th April, 1951, by France, West Germany, Italy, And
the three Benelux countries. The treaty was then enforced later on 25TH
July, 1952, which led to the final establishment of the European Coal and Steel

Working alongside the ECSC, was another mass community
– The European Economic Community. The European Economic Community was created
by the Treaty of Rome in 1957. It was often called the Common Market, since its
core function was fostering economic cooperation between its member states:
Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany. It
created a common market base amomgst goods, labor, services and capital for the
member states by dissolving most of the trade barriers. The EEC had established
a common external trade policy. Although it can be debated that the formation
of the EEC was primarily to resolve the distortion caused by the aftermath of
the worl war II, however this was hoped to be the base foundation of something
that would lead to the reconciliation of France and Germany. The Treaty of Rome
had established the European Economic community which was signed on 25th
march, 1957, known to be signed by Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Summing the European Union up, The Treaty that
established the European Union was the Treaty of Maastricht which was signed on
November 1st 1993. The Treaty inaugurated the three pillars of the
pillars of the European Union which inludes the European Communities, the
Common Foreign and Security Policy pillar and the Justice and Home Affairs

the European Union was based largely on the
supranational identities to diminish war and create peace for a stable, and
sustainable environment. The Framework and the creation of the EU has certainly
bought a higher level of supranationalism into our present society, helping
increase the political and economic status of European powers and mainting
composure In it’s current state, the EU faces expectations from many global
organizations which lead to slow growth and a gradual increase in unemployment.
These are few of the problems faced by the EU. Although the European Union has
its own respective drawbacks, it plays important roles in diplomacy, the
promotion of human rights, trade, development and aid and working with globalized