1. given in the following figure: From the House

1.     Introduction and Description of Problem

The project aims at addressing the problems that occur with mounting and removal of storage devices inside pressurized chambers that undergo deformation due to pressure differential.  We aim to redesign a storage device that is mounted on to a wall of such a chamber and that can be easily removed and re-mounted without facing any problems caused by distortion of the wall.

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Along with the above objective, there are other issues that are addressed:

·                 Ease of fitting connections (pins/screws) into distorted holes with least manual effort, address alignment of the pins/screws automatically

·                 Multiple parts

·                 Minimize vibrations and wear of the joints


2.     Customer Requirements and HoQ

Based on the above objectives, a quality function deployment analysis was performed, and a House of Quality was generated. The HoQ is given in the following figure:















From the House of Quality it can be seen that maximum importance is given to number of joints followed by number of parts required followed by number of standard components. This is intuitive as well since this storage table is designed for use in locations where assembly and disassembly should be easy and intuitive and should not require many tools. This is also in-line with the objectives specified in the problem statement.


The HoQ does not include benchmarks; this is because this storage device is designed for a very specific use. The available devices with similar construction are not designed to account for the conditions (pressure differentials, distortions) and requirements under which this device shall function.


3.     Redesign Concept Explanation

Issues addressed:

·       accommodation of distortions arising due to the pressure differential across the wall to which the device is attached

·       height adjustment capability to serve multiple uses

·       accommodation of lateral movement

The storage device is a wall mounted storage table. The table is attached to the wall with the help of brackets. The brackets house an inner cylinder with the same height as that of the bracket. A hollow outer cylinder with friction pads attached to its inner surface fits onto the inner cylinder. There are three friction pads (Fig 1.) and one of the friction pads can be displaced towards and away from the inner cylinder using a screwing mechanism to hold the outer cylinder in place at any height.