1) can use post-consultation billing system. In Experty, money

1) Cypherium: Cypherium is one of the highly scalable Block-chain platforms. focusing on how to achieve the apex of scalability is their design goal. Its working process is very unique. Cypherium helps developers to create undergrounding applications by providing fundamental building blocks.   

2) Experty: Experty is really expert in block-chain service for sure. You can have crypto calls at any time and at anywhere, your location doesn’t matter. It is trustworthy. A provider can use post-consultation billing system. In Experty, money transfers are highly regulated events that it creates large barriers to even globally recognized brands. It has a high social activity level.

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3) Nau: Nau is a block-chain platform that it directly connects customers and retailers to guarantee transparency and reliability. It has a well organized ICO and also has a unique ecosystem to make every user an avid ambassador. Retailers have to pay only for the real leads ending up and with including sales. The retailers are able to get access to the highly-targeted local audience. It has a limited supply and heavy marketing to provide utility tokens with constantly increasing value growth.

4) Coinlancer: This block-chain platform is created for effective freelancing and to secure peer-to-peer exchanges. It accepts 20+ crypto currency, and it is a decentralized platform. Here, the relations between customer and service provider are regulated by smart contracts. This smart contract guarantee to all parties that the orders will be executed and paid on time.

5) Right Mesh: It is a decentralized mobile mesh networking platform using block-chain technology. It gives the power of connectivity, you connect for free at any time and at anywhere. Its connectivity is achieved through P2P (peer-to-peer) with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi Direct. Right Mesh is widely distributed network that it helps people to share mobile device resources, such as Internet, data, and storage.