1.1 without being discriminated, all of these rights are


Human rights are rights that
are given to all individuals regardless of their gender, race, nationality,
language and or any other status. Humans are all equally entitled to their own
rights without being discriminated, all of these rights are related to one
another, complete each other and are universally expressed and guaranteed by
the law in different treaties, general principles and customary law. When it
involves the government, all obligations take action in a certain specific way
to spread protection for all humans regarding their rights and freedom of
expression no matter their cultural or political status. According to the
history of the Universal Declaration of Human rights (UDHR) these rights are
split by the United Nations in Paris 1948 into a number of 30 different
categories that define each and every single right with its legal and cultural
background that individuals are entitled to have in their lives as human beings.
However, not all countries are the same when dealing with these rights
depending on their cultural background and political status some are given the
opportunity to express their rights and some aren’t. Bellow will be mentioned
the 30 basic human rights:

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Right to life

The right to life is a basic
known principle that states every human being has the right to live and not be
killed by another. The role of right to life is to spread awareness in debating
the problems of war, health care, and punishments. Taking it back to history,
humans that weren’t given the privilege regarding their right to life such as
individuals that were politically and socially high in power, were not
generally accepted of this right.

International conventions

International conventions
focus on the law enforcement which are known as 
“Model Policies” that work with different input starting from a leading
source and constitute with the best mind thinkers.  Its considered to be violating the right to
life when for example; using a prohibited weapon that leads to death or
disregarding the loss of life in the international conventions. However, there
are certain exceptions that abolish this law from the international
responsibility regarding ones death that is in Article 2(2) of The
International Convention which  states: ”
2. Depriving of life is not considered illegal when it is done by force which
will lead to necessary actions in defending any person from violence in order
to have impact and avoid the escape of 
the one detained by the law.”

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Right to Equality

The Right to Equality means
that every individual has the right to enjoy their rights on their own but all
are equally treated the same without discrimination.

International Conventions

Article 1 of UDHR states that
“Every human being is equal to the other and is treated as such from birth
without any exceptions or distinctions” And Article 2 of UDHR also states “All
humans are bound to their own freedom and are equal to one another without any
kind of discrimination whether it regards language, religion, gender.”

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 Right to Freedom from

The right to freedom from
discrimination means that all individuals are given the right to live freely
without being discriminated by others regarding their race, gender, political
status, age, cultural backgrounds and any other.  No jurisdictions shall be made
internationally and or politically.

International Conventions

According to the UDHR Article
7 states that ” All humans shall be treated equal before the law and other
individuals and are given the right to protection equally when and if
discriminated.” Adding Article 2 of UDHR banning “Any discrimination of any
sort” the emphasis in making it clear that there will be no excuses or
differences what so ever.

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 Right to Freedom of Slavery

The right to freedom from
slavery’s meaning is that slavery is prohibited in all its forms, no human
being shall be servitude or obligate to become slaves before anyone.

International Conventions

Article 4 in UDHR European
Convention states that ” No human being will be held or taken in as a slave
regardless the reasons, this is prohibited in all forms internationally by the
law and can’t be tolerable legally”

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 Right to Freedom from

This means that no human being
should be tortured in any way (physically, mentally, abusively), people should
be given the right to be free from torture and inhuman punishments.

International Conventions

In the UDHR Article 15 ” No human
will be punished or tortured in any kind of way, unless it is purposely or
willingly waned by the individual for medical reasons and experimentations.

” State parties will make
sure to avoid any sort of abusement and cruel punishments and measure the
difference between torturing and inhuman acts when treating people with
disabilities in need of medical help.”

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 Right to Recognition as a

Every individual has the right
to be recognized as human beings in all countries everywhere whether they’re citizens
or not

International Conventions

Article 5 UDHR of the African
Charter on Human Rights states ” All humans shall be recognized and respected legally
by his or her status ” Article 16 by the ICCPR states that ” Everyone shall be recognized
as a person no matter the place or background  by the law”


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 Right to Equality before the

All individuals should be able
to feel and be treated as equals and seen
as one before the law without feeling disregarded and mistreated because of their
political and social status

International Conventions

Article 7 in the UDHR ”

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