1.0 also expected to increase quickly. Therefore, the acquiring

1.0 Abstract:


capability to locate vehicles is useful in many areas of our today’s world
including personal vehicles and public transportation systems. Moreover, the
amount of vehicles on the road countrywide is also expected to increase
quickly. Therefore, the acquiring of a vehicle tracking system using the Global
Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is
key, with the intention of enabling users to track their vehicles with
tranquility and in a confident manner. The system will provide users with the ability
to locate vehicles remotely using the mobile network. Vehicle tracking
system uses GPS and GSM technology to track and provide complete location and
speed information to user over mobile phone network. This paper presents the installation of the vehicle
tracking system’s hardware and software. The system will utilize the Global
Positioning System (GPS) to obtain a vehicle’s coordinate through Google map and
transmit it using Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network to the
user’s phone, laptop or desktop through the mobile network. The main hardware
and software components of the system are LINXUP Instant GPS Tracker, SIM Card,
Google map and phone or desktop. The installed vehicle tracking system
establishes the usefulness of real-time tracking of vehicles and raised
effectiveness for national operability and cost when compared to other existing

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2.0 Introduction:


 The vehicle
tracking system is an electronic device that is used in tracking a vehicle’s
location. Almost all tracking systems use GPS module to locate the vehicle’s
position. Many systems also combine communication components such as satellite
transmitters to communicate the vehicle’s location to a remote user. Google maps
are used to view the vehicle’s location.
The GPS can transmit the collected information about the vehicle at regular
intervals or at least could transmit the information when required by the monitoring


Many vehicle tracking
systems that are used nowadays have some form of Automatic Vehicle Location
(AVL). It is a concept for determining the geographic location of a vehicle and
transmitting this information to a remotely located server. The location is
determined using GPS and transmission mechanism could be a satellite, or
cellular connection from the vehicle to a satellite or nearby cell tower. GSM
is the most common used service for this purpose. This chapter will be covering
the general background of this project, its concept, objectives, scope and the
problem it’s going to solve. My proposed solution will use satellite to locate
the vehicles and send the vehicle information to the remote server or the
user’s mobile phone using the cellular network provided the simcard.


2.1 Background


A vehicle
tracking system comprise of an electronic device installed on a vehicle used to
track the vehicle by its owner. This uses the Global Positioning System (GPS)
to get correct results of the vehicles location. Communication components such
as cellular GSM and satellite transceivers are used to transmit the vehicles
geographical location to the owner. This information can be viewed using software
installed on the user’s computer.


Vehicle tracking
systems are frequently used nowadays by different companies and individuals for
locating and management functionalities such as vehicle routes, security and
how resources like fuel consumptions are monitored. Other uses include
monitoring driving behaviors of drivers, such as a parent monitoring his kid’s
driver and employer monitoring employee. It is also used as theft prevention
and police can used it to follow the signal sent by the tracking system to
locate stolen vehicles. A vehicle tracking system can serve as a replacement
for car alarm systems when used as a security system. The proposed solution
will take care of all the above mentioned problems for the vehicle owner.


2.2 Problem Statement


The problem of
vehicle theft, fuel misuse, drivers’ misbehaviors, locating vehicles and the
inability to control speeding of drivers are some of the issues that the
proposed solution is here to handle.

The product of
this system will be the data collected from the GPS receiver. The data contains
information such as the minimum and maximum speeds the vehicle travelled, the
vehicles location at each point in time, the time it took to reach its
destination and the distanced travelled. The data from the GPS receiver is sent
to the owner using a GSM module (simcard) which is the viewed on the owner’s
computer. The computer can also be used to send instructions to the vehicle
such as switching off the vehicle.


2.3 Objective


The objective of
this project is to install the GPS module on the vehicle and the software on
the owner’s computer. In order to fully understand the both GPS and GSM
technology, the study on how both technologies work is essential to complete
the project. The objectives of this project are as follows:


study and understand the basic operations of GPS and GSM

install the hardware and software for the tracking system

test the system to make it gives accurate results.




The scope of this
project is to study and install the GPS/GSM vehicle tracking system that can
give an output of information such as time, position, distance and speed from
the GPS receiver. The users will also be able to send instructions such to the vehicle.

The project will be
divided into two parts, the first part will be to study and install the
hardware and software and the second part will be to test the system.

The first part, we will
focus on the GPS system, how to pair it with the GSM system and install the
software. The study on how the GPS/GSM works will also be conducted on this
part to understand its operation.

The second part will
focus on testing the system and gathering results on the time, speed, distance
and position of the vehicle. The proposed solution can be used t0o monitor
vehicles through the length and breadth of the country and even beyond the
borders of our nation.