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Planetree is a cost centre with health care

Planetree is reaching out the world having worldwide connections and also
having programs implemented through their alliances partner hospital.

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Planetree  helps the hospitals and
other health care related organisations with information and education to  make better facility for taking care of

Planetree has the principle guideline of putting patients first. Patients
is the key word and it emphasizes patient care in all aspects.

Planetree also working on the concept of food is care initiative, with
which the help of nurses, helps the patience food preference and aid health
aims. Patient centre excellence is the planetree motto

Planetree respect and care the patient needs and preference, also involve

Planetree has concept of patient centred certification. They treat
patient as a person. They balance there concept with medical condition and
ailments as they perceive them as individuals.

Planetree associate hospitals the new innovative technique are just
provided  to them and they just have to
present it

wellness and holistic care is much more important to Planetree in treating
their patients. Understanding of the social determinants of the person’s health
and well-being is an integral component of person centred care.

states that a person centred culture not only relates to the awareness of the
persons but goes beyond and addresses the needs of the family members as well
as health care professionals

provides extra validation and recognition that differentiates Planetree from
other health care organisations. Moreover the term
certification   has been added. The previous and confusing
designation programs have been replaced with certification program

of Helios

One among the largest hospital groups in
Europe and extend whole of Europe only.

In Helios doctors and management work
together with management, work together as a team and coordinate betterment for
the patients.

Helios has healthcare, rehabilitation
and in and outpatient care system.

Helios uses the expertise of
professional and world class doctors and medical equipment’s for their
efficiency forte.

themselves come up with innovative ideas and make changes in the firm. Unlike
Planetree which have their own resources to help their associated hospitals
with ideas the Helios has to depend on their own team for professional

Helios is right from the patient entry
to the hospital and till the patient recovers and also post recovery period.

Helios has the money to indulge in new
research and development and invoke new projects. They had around 5.2 million patients last year and had
millions in Euros in annual turnover. The income earned can be utilised for